Let’s practise a bit!

Come on George! Let's water the garden. (1)

Remember to:
– Open Google Translator
– Record the screen in a video (Windows + Alt + R)
– Say the sentence: Hi Mary! What are you doing? (2)
– Stop the recording.
– Look for it at videos.
– Send it by e-mail to d.barcelo@ceippuntadenamer.org

What about if you practise everything? You can send me an e-mail with all the sentences! 🤩🤩🤩

Have you got a …?

Sorethroat – Stomach ache – Headache – Earache – Toothache – Chicken Pox – Cut Finger – Sunburn – Insect Bite – Runny Nose


👧Peter, have you got a …?
👦Yes, I have.
👧 You should go to the doctor!
👦That’s a good idea!


You should go to the doctor.
You should go to the dentist.
You should use your glasses.
You should drink tea with honey.
You should take some pills.
You should go to a dark place.
You should lay on bed.
You shouldn’t scratch your body.
You shouldn’t eat so many sweets.