Dia de la Pau i no Vilència.

Avui a l’escola hem fet un acte per celebrar que ahir va ser el dia de La pau i no vilència.

No hi ha dubte que cal ensenyar als més petits la realitat viva i dinàmica de la pau, en cada actitud, cada gest i cada paraula. Però també és important que aprenguin a reflexionar sobre ella perquè comencin a familiaritzar-se amb els seus matisos i la seva profunditat, que va més enllà de l’absència de guerra.

No hi ha camí per a la pau, la pau és el camí. Gandhi

🌭🍔🍟🍕 Some Food 🥙🥘🥗🫔

These weeks, we are going to study some food.
Try to remember these ten. We have been working on them in class. Remember to: recognise them, write them and pronounce them properly!

Number 1 is potato; number 2 is meat; number 3 is yoghurt; number 4 is milk; number 5 is raspberry; number 6 is butter; number 7 is cheese; number 8 is honey; number 9 is egg and number ten is mushroom.

Read and guess: 🤔
1.- This is small & round. Inside is yellow, outside is brown. You can boil them, fry them, bake them, … You can eat them with ketchup, mayo, mustard, etc. What is it? (otatop)

2.- This is made of milk. We spread it on toast. It is presented in a rectangular bar. You use it for cooking too. What is it? (rettub)

3.- This is small & round. Inside is yellow, outside is brown. You can boil them and fry them. Birds lay them. What is it? (ɘϱϱ)

4.- This is small, is a fungus and very typical in Mario Bross games. You can find it on pizzas. What is it? (moorhsum)

5.- This is a small, tiny, red fruit. It is very sweet. What is it? (ɿɒƨqdɘɿɿγ)

6.- Traditionally hamburgers and sausages are made of it. It can be from pork, beef, lamb, etc. You get it from animals. What is it? (mɘɒt)

7.- This is a liquid you traditionally get from cows. It is white. Babies drink a lot of it. What is it? (milʞ)

8.- This is a liquid you get from bees. Bears love it. It is sweet and sticky. It is yellow-orange. What is it? (yenoh)

9.- This is a product you get from milk. It has got a pyramidal shape. You can eat it in sandwiches, pizzas, on pasta, etc. What is it? (ɔʜɘɘƨɘ)

10.- This is a product made of milk. It has different flavours. It can be natural, lemon, strawberry, coconut, etc. What is it? (truhgoy)